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ScentSlaveScentSlave 34 days ago
Le Mâle In The Navy - Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Mâle In The Navy This one isn’t the best
But it isn’t the worst either. For me, it feels like Invictus got a few shots of testosterone kicked into it. It’s got a similar “bubble gummy” vibe, but it’s a hair more masculine, and a tad more mature. You can definitely feel...

ScentSlaveScentSlave 35 days ago
Eros (Eau de Parfum) - Versace

Eros (Eau de Parfum) While you can definitely tell it’s in the Eros family,
It IS different enough to consider adding to your collection. While the Flame was too similar to the original in my opinion, the 2020 EDP stands out just about “enough” to be called a “sibling” in the line....

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ScentSlave 10 months ago

ScentSlaveWhere’s the New Dior Homme (2019)?
I just grabbed it from Dillard’s on 12/14/2019, and it’s a new release, yet I can’t find it here. Shouldn’t it have a posting of its own on here? “Dior Homme (2019)”? Anyone know why it’s so hard to find info on it? Everyone knew when the Sauvage Parfum was going to be released before it even hit the shelves, yet this one is hiding...


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