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ScentSlaveScentSlave 4 days ago
Kalan - Parfums de Marly

Kalan I’m wondering if this fragrance is like “the dress”…
… you know that viral picture of a blue and black dress that some people see as white and gold? I truly wonder this, because I simply cannot get the notes that the people who dislike it describe. A lot of people...

ScentSlaveScentSlave 12 days ago
Y Live - Yves Saint Laurent

Y Live It gets more hate than it deserves…
… and if you like sweet scents, you better grab it while you can still find it. My prediction is that it’s gonna be remembered like the Invictus Aqua that everyone started loving after it was too late… It’s got a great...

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ScentSlaveScentSlave 2 years ago
Where’s the New Dior Homme (2019)?
I just grabbed it from Dillard’s on 12/14/2019, and it’s a new release, yet I can’t find it here. Shouldn’t it have a posting of its own on here? “Dior Homme (2019)”? Anyone know why it’s so hard to find info on it? Everyone knew when the Sauvage Parfum was going to be released before it even hit the shelves, yet this one is hiding “under the radar”.... More


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