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7 years ago - 02.10.2015
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Scented Breath-An Old Time Tradition

Recently, I have been obsessed with all things from the past, from my all-time favorite Poirot mysteries to the most excellent series about Mr. Selfridge. Accordingly, my perfume and scent desires have changed to suit this mood.

Thanks to Bois de Jasmin, I started exploring violet as a flavoring agent. The scent of violets was very popular in the past, and was used in perfume and confection. I tried Kusmi’s Violet tea, which was too subtle for me, and then added Monin’s Violet syrup. The effect was powerful: the scent was strong, as was the sugar, but the tea took on a more moderate sour tone.


(photo via Monin)

By chance, I was in a candy shop where I saw a very old-fashioned small violet package. It turned out to be C. Howard’s Violet mints. I was not sure if I would like them so I bought one pack and promptly ordered more after trying it. The mints taste prominently of violet, like eating the violet flower. There was a very tiny minty edge to the mints as well. The best part for me has been the way the mints scent your breath. I feel that every time I open my mouth, violets pour out!


(photo hopefulhomemaker)


am most happy with the way I have embraced the violet experience as it

has never been my favorite smell. I just have to find a good matching

perfume now.

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