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8 years ago - 27.02.2015

Spring Roses

I know, I know, it is cold outside, but we have had some really high temperatures here for a few weeks which makes it seem that Spring is near, so put away your ouds and bust out the Spring fragrances!

Two new ones, which are both centered on roses, are Aerin Rose de Grasse and Maison Francis Kurkdjian A la Rose.

(photo via esteelauder)

(photo via dailyvanity)

Both are fresh and light roses with beatiful, displayable bottles in Spring hues.

Rose de Grasse has notes of different roses and musk. All I smelled was watery and faint roses, completely inoffensive and easy to wear.

Kurkdjian’s Rose is also light and airy but a bit green and has more body than Aerin’s. It is also most safe. I find both compositions of good quality and with lovely bottles but the smells themselves are unremarkable. However, for fresh and bright Spring perfumes, these two are a great bet.

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