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SchmlinGood 2 years ago 1
Classy Sandalwood
Wearing this makes me feel like a young, successful Englishman (I'm American) in his casual weekend clothes. Like a handsome guy, about 38yrs old, with stylish hair, a tailored fit black leather jacket, crisp white t-shirt, designer jeans and grey suede chelsea boots hopping into his Aston Martin Vantage for a Saturday cruise.

Just a really nice, quality smelling sandalwood & suede fragrance with a hint of incense. Woody and elegant. The bottles from this line, Le Vestiaire des Parfums - Edition Couture, are understated and gorgeous. All black, industrial looking & feeling. Magnetic cap is always a plus and the sprayer is excellent.

In the USA this line can only be purchased from Neiman Marcus. Yes, these frags are expensive. However, you are getting a 4.2oz bottle for that chunk of change. For someone who owns a lot of frags, this will last me a VERY long time.