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SelfrefuteSelfrefute 5 days ago
Beautiful tune for the ages, or until the nuclear holocaust commences, radioactive winter ensues, and magazine subscriptions are a forgotten triviality of the past.
NugegeoNugegeo 5 days ago
So I bought me a ticket
I caught a plane to Spain
Went to a party down a red dirt road
There were lots of pretty people there
Reading Rolling Stone, reading Vogue

Oh! Will you take me as I am!
Strung out on another man!

NugegeoNugegeo 12 days ago
My man! My brother! My homie! My T-bag! You fiend! Dammit, 100ml! What a find!

Now gizzit aight?
SelfrefuteSelfrefute 12 days ago
I did indeed! The price was right on Ebay (100ml for €95; newer packaging). Score!
NugegeoNugegeo 12 days ago
Whaaaaat? You didn't? Mississippi??
SelfrefuteSelfrefute 20 days ago
You can't go wrong with a riveting olfactory simulacrum and a clever, tap-dancing hare.
NugegeoNugegeo 20 days ago
Mississippi Medicine yeeeehaaaaw!

Now dance bunny dance!
NugegeoNugegeo 21 days ago
Have you tried Anubis? I have a sample. It's definitely up your alley. Reminds me of BlackBird only smoother and with more sweaty skin. Little bit of Songe d'un Bois d'Ete there too. In other words, sexy as hell. Will save for you.
NugegeoNugegeo 26 days ago
ParfummaniacParfummaniac 146 days ago
Aww, look at that tiny kitten, how adorable!