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ParfummaniacParfummaniac 169 days ago
I hope you had a marvelous time :-)
SelfrefuteSelfrefute 169 days ago
I've just returned today from a 3-week vacation in Ethiopia. Thanks for your concern :-)
ParfummaniacParfummaniac 170 days ago
Are you okay Travis ?
VetiveresqueVetiveresque 6 months ago
Top marks for Travis as a fellow trader/seller:
nice comms, good disposition, safe packaging.
SelfrefuteSelfrefute 7 months ago
And thank you for your custom ;-) I hope you enjoy!
ParfummaniacParfummaniac 7 months ago
Dear Travis, thanks so much for the awesome fragrance!
SelfrefuteSelfrefute 7 months ago
Eau Noire is deeelish. Yes, I remember your revulsion. Well done on your courage upon entering the curry-laced fray.
SelfrefuteSelfrefute 7 months ago
How's that liquid gold scent (worth it's weight in gold, I'm sure) from the Pacific Northwest treating you today?
SelfrefuteSelfrefute 7 months ago
Aaawww, shucks. Ya sure know howta make this American boy blush.
SelfrefuteSelfrefute 7 months ago
Maai?! To work?! I don't think that would go down well with the aul meat and two veg coworkers. Though I could just tell them that my seat was wet at the far back end of the bus into work.