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Sensual 3 years ago
Exclusive mediocrity
I love leather. And I like violets, most of the time.

So, I was indeed very curious to test this one, as I have been on search for "my leather" for quite some time now.
Not knowing this brand, I checked the internet a bit. I was also curious, in what price class should this be found, if I was to like it so much, that I´d wanna add it to my collection sooner or later ?
Well, the home page is esthetic, but not very informative. Of course one hears all the typical stuff about great ingredients and exclusiveness...I get a bit sceptic.
Especially, because I found Cuir Magnifique not that magnificent at all, but disappointly synthetic.

Well, Noble Royale was established in Dubai 2017, and 2018 five perfumes were launched. Clients: Fragrance Russia and Jovoy Paris. Both can be seen on homepage. Same as the creator, Olga Yurchenko, of whom I have never heard - which doesn´t mean that much, really, lot of perfumeurs out there that I do not know, and maybe she´s not behind the perfumes at all, only the brand - however, she looks way too young for me in order to have been "in the perfumery business since time immemorial. " Enough said of that, check the homepage if you like. ;)

The very first thought I got, as I sprayed CM was: "What ? Smart by andeas Maack ? only cheaper version, perhaps ? "
I mean, there really is a certain "brotherhood" to my nose, only this is much more synthetic, and the same thing that got on my nerves eventually with Smart, is the overly strong violet, that covers all the other aspects of the perfume. Which may or may not be for the better, as in the beginning there is some creamier note to it too - tuberose perhaps ? and some more flowers and powder, but nothing solid to be smelled, at least not by me. I would tip on some iris and moschus for the creaminess.

The creamy flowers disappear after a while, and then it´s all violet, suede and some powder again. For hours. And hours. Just as I think it has calmed down, and is maybe more wearable for me, violet rocks full power again and annoys the
out of me....argh!

When I smell it directly on my skin, I get a hint of cinnamon, but all those wonderful woody stuff and elemi, where are they ???? Not on my skin, it seems...instead, directly on skin, something quite unpleasant, bit dirty, but not animalic, rather a bad moschus from washing powder, reading the pyramid does not give a glue which of the notes given there could be responsible?
Longevity seems indeed good, but by now I am annyoed beyond any peace between me and CM, and will go and wash it away as good as I can, and try if some nice gourmand from my collection can cover the rest.

Fact, imho : Synthetic, powdery suede, with good sillage and longevity, a little bit similar to Smart, but not nearly as good, instead quite mediocre, and definately not exclusive and worth the price.
And no, I do not say it, because I would have something against exclusivity, or be envious ´cos I couldn´t afford it - I have some more expensive ones, which may well be ( and are, tbh ) beyond my finances usually, but worth saving money for...This is NOT one of them.

Rather it seems to me, that what we have here, is another new niche-brand, that pop up like mushrooms in the rain, trying to validify the price by being "exclusive" and hard to get - curiousity will always wn some customers, but I don´t think this one will stay in business that long, unless they really work on the "finest ingredients", so that even if the perfume idea might be "stolen" - or, to put it more nicely - "inspired" by Smart and Iceberg Woman -which is a cheapie, and better , imo - it might stand a chance among velvety and powdery leathers...
Now, as it is, I would go for Smart or Cuir Beluga anytime rather than this, and not even lose money by doing so. And I don´t even like them.
Sensual 10 years ago 11 1
Breaking in a pair of shoes
To me, Habanita is a dancer. Not necessarily flamenco-dancer as the name might suggest, but just any dancer who´s actually so passionate about the dancing, that she´ll not only break in the pair of shoes, but eventually break those shoes completely !

And yet much more. It has certain depth that fits well watching Tarkowski-movies or film noir - who could watch film noir wearing Angel or Candy ? It just wouldn´t fit.

Habanita starts with quite bewildering top-notes, that´s when one will want to go dancing or do something creative, perhaps even something daring. And sometimes, something very daring !
In aromatherapy Labdanum is the one who´s "quilty" of letting go of inhibitions, is this the secret of Habanita ?
However, it must be the petit grain that makes it also so zitric, surprisingly zitric even. That is the one note which I do not smell so well in summer, for summer Habanita is rather only on the heavier side, but in winter it shows also more bitter, zitrus-like notes which I like.

Yet at heart it gets softer, more balanced, sometimes I even think of "L´Heure Bleue" by Guerlain, not so much for the smell but the mood. Both are deep and mysterios, Habanita gets more introverted and darker towards the heart and basis, even gloomier at times.

Like aoe, towards basis Habanita is somewhat like waxed leather indeed, and I do wear leather ! Still, with me it´s the spices that rule with amber and patchouli, vanilla stays rather decently in the back-ground rounding it all up...
And lasts definately longer than 4 hours, in summer easily until the next day.

The only minus Habanita has for me, is, that I sometimes get headache from it.
Yet, it´s worth risking it ! :)
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