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23 months ago
Scent 2.5
Champion Energy (Eau de Toilette) by Davidoff

Champion Energy (Eau de Toilette)„The weakest fragrance imo!”
I gladly just finished my 50ml flanker and could not wait it to finish, why!?I do consider this fragrance as one of the weakest and most synthetic fragrances I have ever had. To me it only lasted roughly 45 mins, both on skin and clothes, after this time...

2 years ago
Zino (Eau de Toilette) by Davidoff

Zino (Eau de Toilette)„Just not for me”
I just bought a 125ml flank...blindly but have to admit I should have tried it first. It is definitely not a fragrance welcomed by everyone, you either love or hate it. I bought it because after reading the reviews and realizing that it has a strong sillage and longevity,...

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The weakest and most sinthetic fragrance I've ever had so far!Disappointment!+1
It's a well managed copy of Dior Sauvage, tried it today at a perfume store: longevity and sillage are thought a question mark,to find out!+1


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