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Sfonativeboy 6 years ago 1

Subtle Leather Intimacy
I havent tried many but ...
Only 2 scent I absolutely love...from Keiko Mecheri so far
A Fleur de Peau and Genie de Bois
I ordered both directly from KEIKO MECHERI website.

The leather scent mixes well with civet ....
The civet can becomes pretty prominent
however its blended well with enough spices and florals to create ...
A incense like powdery Russian Leather scent.
seems to me that ..
Kieko Mecheri does this rather well
and has cornered the market on... POWDERY Scents that is...

A soft close to the skin masculine fragrance,
sensual and distinguished:
for nights that require quiet intimacy....

Sfonativeboy 7 years ago 5

Yohji for me is the color of Indigo!
One of my absolutely favorite fragrances ...
I love the complexity ...
very warm, light and heavy at the same time, spicy and sweet fragrance.
smoke of incenses....

Could a fragrance actually convey a color..??
Yohji for me is the color of Indigo!
a unique color ..much like this fragrance

* In line with the other colors of the 'purple family,' indigo was also a color of nobility and aristocracy. In the Elizabethan times, People of distinction and class only were allowed to wear this color. '
* In chromotherapy índigo assumes narcotic properties, eliminating the fear of darkness as well as to treat certain mental and emotional disorders.
* According to Hinduism -
Indigo is the color associated with the The Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of the head behind your eyebrows. This Chakra is related to our ability to perceive clearly. Intuition, insight, and imagination are also associated with this Chakra.

Somehow ...Yohji
manages to convey all of
Indigo's Unique Color Meaning and Symbolisms as a Fragrance...

Amazingly it makes me feel distinctive and rich..
there is a narcotic thrill in its complex smell....."makes my heart pound a little harder"
and yet I utterly feel incredibly at peace with myself...

This is a Fragrance that demands be experienced .. not just smelled!

Sfonativeboy 7 years ago

A Fox Runs Wild....a scentual review
The scent of Forest ...
Woody,Green and lush.....
a Fox runs wildy about ......

This is a male fox .. searching out his vixen...
a manly streak belies...this womans fragrance...
civet and castoreum give this fragrance
a wild animalic /leatherish
The charming Fox tramples over florals
as he goes about his wanderings ...
might they be wood violets & roses..perhaps
There are hints of jasmine and carnation...
just enough to spice it up.

I wore it today ... as I walked my dog in the park!
I got reactions from strangers ....
"WOW! thats a great FALL scent!"
pleased with myself ... I spritzed some more on...

Ignore the FUR CONTROVERSY and order a decant from
your fave FRAGRANCE DECANT STORE like I did ...

Sfonativeboy 8 years ago 4

"I Need You Like A Drug"
Highly addictive I kept applying a bit on my wrist .. just to smell it!!
...stealing private "scentual" moments to myself .. while riding the bus...!

To breakdown and pin point all of this fragrance's complicated notes
belittles it somehow....

but this is my impression...

fruity at first ...
Raspberries ..a touch of honeydew melon...
then it settles to a sweet candy ...could that be the honey and the olibanum, everybody mentions... 
settling in a combo of ...
vanilla,amber and light tobacco.

To quote Claudia 
from Interview with the Vampire
"I want some more!"

Sfonativeboy 8 years ago 3

Devilishly ...nice
"Please allow me to introduce myself 
I'm a man of wealth and taste 
I've been around for a long, long time
Stole many a man's soul and faith ..."
"Pleased to meet you 
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah 
But what's confusing you 
Is just the nature of my game"

I expected something with a name 
like LUCIFER...and SIN
would be a dark,luxurious,heavy even Loud...fragrance
much the way Dior's Poison was back in the 80's.
to my surprise...
Parfum Lucifer Sin 
is fruity... sweet .. candied much like a Cherry Flavored Lifesaver...
and almost afraid of it's own power...
Sadly this fragrance fades into a subconscious whisper ...

It doesn't announce itself .. 
linger or stain you with it's "presence".. 
like you think something that with a name like Parfum LUCIFER would. 
He Arrogantly would Declare himself to the World. "I Lucifer."

To quote Nina Hagen in her famous song New York New York...
"I know who I am
And I am willing to declare myself to the world
I am a star!"

sadly ... 
He has fallen from Grace and his Brilliant Angel Wings have been clipped ... 
Parfum Lucifer Sin 
is for those that secretly want to be the Seducer... the Dominatrix.. the 
Sexual Deviant ... 
but are bit afraid to peer that close over the sexual edge.

I like the fragrance really,enough to purchase it ....
but wish it was 
brilliantly soo much more ...

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