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ShagfragShagfrag 4 months ago
Tuscan Leather (Eau de Parfum) - Tom Ford

Tuscan Leather (Eau de Parfum) Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather is Nasal Ipecac
After more than a decade of not wearing any fragrances, I began a side-quest in life to rediscover fragrances and to eventually curate a small collection for myself. Approximately 300 samplings and a couple months later,...

ShagfragShagfrag 4 months ago
Ultra Mâle - Jean Paul Gaultier

Ultra Mâle Ultra Mâle's Ratings are Artificially Suppressed
Tl;dr: There are haters who are giving this fragrance an unfairly low rating, but if you set aside your preconceived notions, you just might find you really like Ultra Mâle. After more than a decade of not wearing...

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This scent is reminiscent of an Indonesian herbal medicine. If you are familiar with that scent, Marly's Layton might not be very appealing!


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