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Shahram1361Shahram1361 2 months ago
Armani Code Sport (Eau de Toilette) - Giorgio Armani

Armani Code Sport (Eau de Toilette) quality summer freshie
I adore this scent. Its citrusy aquatic with a herbal kicks. Its been discontinued and prices getting high .i so glad that I found it cuz it's really high quality well balanced cheerfull refreshing summer scent

Shahram1361Shahram1361 3 months ago
Pure Cedrat - Azzaro

Pure Cedrat Lovely long seeking fragrance.
Its a natural citruse aroma that excited me to seek and find it. Im so glad finally I could find it for reasonable price ,prices is sky rocking todays. It starts with naturale gentle citruses on herbal notes settle on musk.


Exciter76Exciter76 1 year ago
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