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Sharon123Sharon123 3 years ago
Pure Addiction - Paul Emilien

Pure Addiction Pure addiction Paul Emilien
Am so surprised this gem hasn't already been uncovered. Absolute addiction in a bottle , so different, so daring and as the name says, totally addictive, a real wrist sniffer. Nose behind the scent is Patrick Bodifee and it's very well...

Sharon123Sharon123 3 years ago
Lavender & Wool - Linda Landenberg

Lavender & Wool Lavender & wool
Amazing quality in this lavender bomb, a very well blended scent for winter woollies, lavender, chocolate and cosy all in one :) . Very strong scent so 2-4 sprays will go a long way, longevity is excellent also.


Louis1Louis1 3 years ago
Dear Sharon,

thanks a lot for our nice deal!

Best regards,

Sharon123Sharon123 3 years ago
how do I post to souk ?