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SeejungfrauSeejungfrau 174 days ago
Thank you Shivsri - for the mermaid - your photos are always something very special for my eyes
Fresh21Fresh21 176 days ago
Hi buddy, my comments are just inspired by your photo output ;-) Have a nice day, my friend!
SantalwaltiSantalwalti 176 days ago
Good morning

thank you for your compliment and have a nice sunday

greetings from
ZirkonZirkon 6 months ago
@Shivsri13, you're welcome my friend. support continues...
SantalwaltiSantalwalti 6 months ago
I'm glad you like my picture, thank you! My joy would be even greater if you give me your award ;)

have a nice day,

OvaissaleemOvaissaleem 7 months ago
Thank You Brother :).
Your photographs are amazing as well :)
Fresh21Fresh21 17 months ago
Thank you for explaining the back ground of your Amyris Homme photo. Who should guess that? ;-) Please keep going taking such fantastic PICs you contributing here ...
ZoraZora 20 months ago
Hi and thank you so much for your very nice comment to my photo. Many greetings and have a nice weekend.
ZoraZora 20 months ago
Hi and thank you for your nice comment. Many greetings.
SantalwaltiSantalwalti 20 months ago
Thank you for your kind words on my photos - I enjoy them a lot. Warm greetings - at the moment from Switzerland (holydays), Walti
PS. sorry for my mistakes in writing English