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This is beautiful. The hot sand and desert wind hit you in the face. There is some flower somewhere far away, possibly already fossilized from the heat. Juicy and green-ish paprika, however, reminds one that there is life there somewhere, even if one is surrounded by a melting mirage.

The composition is unlike anything else, really unique. Don't know anything with a similar vibe, let alone smell. Easy to wear, not loud, warm and understated. It's all subjective, but some fragrances have built-in classiness. This is one of them. Can be a great signature scent.

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It's a lovely perfume that really smells of popcorn, creamy milk and background of vetiver, wood and amber-vanilla on the verge of sweet. Soft, warm and cozy, fits the winter holiday time very well. Also absolutely love the slightly ironic approach with the name, the main ingredient and the whole cheerful pop-art vibe that THoO is communicating through their marketing story.

To me it smells like soot. With woody & oudy undertones, smoke and a bit of rubber. I don't remember it very well, but it might be similar to the insides of a typewriter. Very cool, dark, deep and black scent. Wouldn't know where or when to wear it myself, as I think it is a rather masculine perfume. And on the right guy it will smell like a million bucks. Unusual and stylish fragrance. To me truly niche.

A perfect gourmand - sweet, but not too sweet. Vanilla is balanced by patchouli. Rum ads tartness so the composition is not sticky. Patchouli has this chocolate soft quality to it. The only thing I cannot separate out in front of my mental eye is tonka bean. But who cares? It is a beautiful balanced gourmand perfume. Kind of like a perfume other gourmands should be measured by.

For this experimental house this perfume is almost too "normal", because I see how a lot of people might like it. It's not one of the unexpected experiments I otherwise know the house for. But there is nothing wrong with making a perfect commercially viable fragrance to support the experiments that might not attract as many customers.

I would try to get a bottle of it.

It's a fragrance revolving around woody notes in a beautiful way. The woods chosen here are not the most common in perfumery, but the resulting effect is a real 3-D picture of a hundred woody facets. From old polished and dark to freshly sawn light one with woody dust in the air around it. Myrrh adds a tad of sweetness, so the composition is not teeth-cringing, but pleasant and wearable. The perfume has depth, and it develops over time to show new sides. A classy option for fall.

This perfume is a daring and cool experiment to recreate the Berlin as it was in the year 2000. It does not exist any more (since then the city became much more orderly and clean), but the perfume captures the spirit.

It is a composition consisting of 3 main accords - conrete, metal and green. The minerals that I call concrete and the mellow metal hold a scaffolding upon which climb a million types of everchaning green plants of all shapes and sizes.

The concrete ruins blocks with sticking out metal rods remain, and the green notes dance around them and change all the time - fresh, young, wet, mouldy, spicy, freshly cut, peppery and so on.

An interesting perfumery experiment.

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It's a very interesting fragrance. Main genre - aquatic. It seems there is little left to say in this category - the aquatic theme has been interpreted in every possible way. And yet Parfumerie Particuliere somehow managed to find a new, modern and pleasant take on it.

So we have a top made of breezy ocean air - no surprises here. Lot's of salty wind, freshness etc.

What's interesting and unique about this fragrance is it's base. It is lush, aromatic, musky-woody-rubbery-vetivery and reminds me of a completely differernt kind of perfume - an oriental scent that is designed to ooze luxury.

The interplay and even a bit of tension between these two parts is in fact very pleasant, despite sounding a bit weird. I even imagine I smell cigarette ashes in there somewhere. An original creation, and a nice one!