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Shojoid 2 years ago 2

new & modern take on aquatic genre
It's a very interesting fragrance. Main genre - aquatic. It seems there is little left to say in this category - the aquatic theme has been interpreted in every possible way. And yet Parfumerie Particuliere somehow managed to find a new, modern and pleasant take on it.

So we have a top made of breezy ocean air - no surprises here. Lot's of salty wind, freshness etc.

What's interesting and unique about this fragrance is it's base. It is lush, aromatic, musky-woody-rubbery-vetivery and reminds me of a completely differernt kind of perfume - an oriental scent that is designed to ooze luxury.

The interplay and even a bit of tension between these two parts is in fact very pleasant, despite sounding a bit weird. I even imagine I smell cigarette ashes in there somewhere. An original creation, and a nice one!

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