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16 months ago
Scent 9.5
Superlady by Pierre Guillaume

Superlady„Not really lady, but still great”
Lovely, lovely scent, very sweet (it's reminiscent of candy floss and fruit candies, candied apple and sweet musk) but with an original underlying Hairspray note that really makes it stand out. Its sweetness might be excessive for many, but I love the effect...

16 months ago
Sable & Soleil by Phaedon

Sable & Soleil„Beautiful marine flowery”
I'm not familiar with Phaedon fragrances and I chose this one to start exploring the house, because it's by Pierre Guillaume and I love how this handsome nose manages to get a tropical, escapist twist out of every fragrance he makes. No exception here, where...


ApiciusApicius 6 years ago
Hello Silviaci, welcome to Parfumo! I wish you a lot of fun here!