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SisseJ 22 months ago 1

A feminine powerhouse
For starters, most perfumes I try turn very VERY sweet on me, whether it be florals, resins or fruits.

When Camélia Entrépide is first sprayed, it comes off as a very floral focused scent (which the name might suggest). It's pleasant, almost calming and I always get this feeling of just wanting even more!

But then it settles down, the top notes are less obvious and the heart and base of the scent really begin to show themselves.
This is where it turns almost nauseatingly sweet, powdery and creamy at the same time. It's such a... strange and overwhelming sensation to experience. The violet leaf, orris butter and white leather makes for an interesting combination.
The white leather note completely steals the show. It overpowers many of the other notes and it almost pushes it towards being unbalanced.
I don't pick up much of the rose at all, which I find to be such a shame, as it would probably lighten the scent a bit and make it slightly more tolerable.

Despite this review coming off a quite negative, I actually truly enjoy this perfume. It is so refreshingly different, it has so much depth.

It lasts ALL DAY. I easily get 10 hours wear out of this, the vast majority with a noticeable projection. I smell it on myself during the day and even when I go to get changed in the evening. It is mostly the leather note, again, that I notice after so many hours of wear.

Another bonus point for this perfume, that I'd like to point out, is that it taught me a lot. I've only been a fragrance geek for a year at most and Atelier Cologne has me in love with their cologne absolutes. I never knew or could identify what a leather note was supposed to smell like. But knowing violet leaf and orris made it so clear to me what leather in perfume is. Now I can pick it up whenever I smell it in another scent and I truly appreciate that.

If you adore powerful, sweet, slightly powdery scents, you'll love this. But you mustn't be afraid to be noticed.

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