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SkinbracerSkinbracer 1 year ago
Aspen Discovery (Cologne) - Coty

Aspen Discovery (Cologne) nice bar of soap clean smell
Strange, the first time I tested it on my arm I got a scent of maple syrup. Maybe my arm had some sweat on it, anyways I wasn't too keen on the scent. No big deal, it was only a .75oz bottle for $7. But after that first try I no longer...

SkinbracerSkinbracer 1 year ago
Vetiver (Eau de Toilette) - Guerlain

Vetiver (Eau de Toilette) Stopped at the tire store on the way to the barbershop
Made a blind purchase as I read and seen(youtube) so many positive reviews on Guerlain Vetiver, and with a great offer on ebay for only $9 more for a 200ml than the lowest price I can find for a 100ml, I thought...


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