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SkywarriorSkywarrior 9 months ago
Hindu Kush - La Via del Profumo

Hindu Kush Journey to the Himalayas
In the foothills of the Himalayas, there is a bazaar where a myriad of oriental spices greet you in the opening. Shortly after, a strong wind blows across pine trees, intertwining with wisps of incense smoke. Wafts of sillage are softly...

SkywarriorSkywarrior 9 months ago
Elephant - Zoologist

Elephant La Grandeur de Ganesh
Elephant begins with an intense rush of green foliage in the opening as you crash through the bushes. Then, notes of coconut milk and cacao intermingle before the expedition comes to an end in a beautifully blended base of sandalwood. Wafts...


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