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Smellsogood 9 years ago 3
Sweet Bird of Youth
The advertising blurb likens this creation to raspberry macarons and flirty silk dresses and I do find the macaron association to be fairly accurate. Maybe Robert Piguet diehards will find this a little juvenile for their tastes, but the consumer clue is in the name....Jeunesse! It is aimed at a younger, tongue in cheek market and although I am one of the afore said diehards, I do like this for what it is. It is sweet, fun and flirty, with the cachet of quality that Piguet offers. I, for one will be wearing this a good deal in the summer, when I am feeling fun and flirty! When I am not, I can always fall back on my bottle of Bandit.
Smellsogood 9 years ago 4
A Shadow of a Shade
When I was a child, I used to love looking at the negatives of family photographs. Things that were familiar to me took on a different twist, as light was changed to shadow and vice versa. Lancaster Concentrate is the negative to the photograph of Houbigant Chantilly. In the Lancaster, the powder is still present, but the incense, oakmoss and civet are amped up while the vanilla and citrus are played down, while they both whisper that melange of florals. This 1987 creation smells truly vintage and I love it.
Smellsogood 9 years ago 3
Pretty Nice Really
A clean, rosy musk, with a faint metallic "tang" from the redcurrants, which I find very alluring actually. Not bad at all considering I usually find these clean musks a bit of a bore.
Smellsogood 9 years ago 2
Not So Prive
This turned out to be disappointment for me. It opens with a "red" note that isn't particularly rhubarb and then morphs swiftly into a white musk with a hint of blush. This wears very close to the skin so heavy application is required as I seem to get no sillage at all. If you like a white musk skin fragrance it could be worth a try, but I feel it is not particularly worth hunting down, personally. But then I am not a white musk fan, I find it a bit too like a fabric softener rather than a perfume.
Smellsogood 10 years ago 5 1
Y Wouldn't You
Forget Guerlain's "Little Black Dress." YSL made the perfect LBD in Y. This is the epitome of chic and style. The wear anywhere, anytime, with anything fragrance. An effortless wonder that is green, but not too green. Clean, but not too clean. Mossy, but not too mossy......I could go on, it is never too anything, it is just perfect. In fact if I could only have one fragrance, it would probably be this. Wonderful.
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