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SmunitzSmunitz 10 months ago
When in Havana - The Dua Brand / Dua Fragrances

When in Havana Rare gem from DUA
Not a big fan of DUA but this one is really great! Takes the Pure Havane DNA and stretches the opening into the dry down with better projection and longevity. Even though it is more expensive it's actually is cheaper per application! Highly recommend.

SmunitzSmunitz 1 year ago
Viking Cologne - Creed

Viking Cologne Great flanker!
I must admit that I always liked the original Viking (while everyone rushed to bash it). So, of course, I like this one too. However, this one is a lot better blended and has similar scene scent profile just more summer appropriate (as the original...


Exciter76Exciter76 3 years ago
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