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Sophi 8 years ago 3 3
fresh green floral
A very fresh green linear scent very suitable for hot weather.It starts out very fresh and citrusy at first .It starts sweetened at heart when white floral burst in it.The scent remains linear all the time .The watery element (grassy ) envelopes together with its floral part .The drown is very fresh and intiment though it stays close to skin. All in all the scent is light and summery .It reminds me of Annick Goutal scent Un Matin d' Orage .
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Sophi 8 years ago 4
Like a fairy tale !
The Nemplina is a dreamy fairy in a green forest ...
If it was a fairy tale and not the scent of course!
Actually, the scent is very green, with aromas of grass and oak moss at the base notes!
It opens with juices of forest fruits and the smell of white blossoms !It feels like a cool awakening cloud of moist,inside a tropical forest!
A fresh impetus, a refreshing awareness of the senses!
It is one of the most precious gifts I received in a critical moment of my life.
I always wear it the first days of spring because it reminds me of my recovery( i was badly injured once),and this is the joy of life ...
Many thanks to my dear Marie for this one ")
Sophi 8 years ago 2
"Sweet Woody Patchouli"
Sweet Woody Patchouli
It's so marvelous , juicy -peachy, plummy and dark at the
opening ...
The heart unfolds rose and immortelle notes so clearly smelling upon a base so of sweet woods (vetiver) and earthy patchouli .The combo benzoin-vetiver and patchouli at the base is so very characteristic of this perfume along with the juicy fruits (may be this makes most to compare it to Angel TM).
All in all the perfume is very well made mixing fruits , florals and woods with such an easy way that is not overpowering and letting space of one phase to unfold on each other with sophistication and elegance.
Marvelous and recommended!
Sophi 8 years ago 3 1
This is a pure powdery floral fruity aroma
Top note is citruses
middle notes are primrose, red rose, jasmine, osmanthus and peach
base notes are patchouli, amber, white musk and powdery notes.
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Sophi 8 years ago 5
Womanity or Motherhood ?
Weird flavor ...inspired by the sea , the Aegean , the smell of ripe fruits ...
It has the scent of the Mediterranean , an intensity in the opening, a metallic accord , a different glow , somewhat very mysterious...
Definitely a fragrance that you need to try at first to understand and it takes time to be able to have a final opinion of what it really is.
I had kept a sample for too long and when it finished ,i was very undecided whether to get a bottle.I finally did.
I like the drying phase too much .This is when the metal accord has fizzled a complexion and the sweetness remains to be drifted with the velvet touch .
It is one of the most bizarre compositions ever made .
Womanity or motherhood ? A legacy to keep, for me that is.
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