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Guess It's Time To Finally Think About Spring Perfumes...

My weather finally hit the 60's and 70's this week-end. I mean, the temperature stayed over 50 degrees. It's not in the 30's anymore. Doesn't mean it still won't dip to the 30's, tho. I finally had to start thinking about switching perfumes. And that's difficult for me.

I love my heavy orientals. And my chypres. My smoky scents. My thick powerful perfumes. And now Spring has sprung. I wore Miss Dior Cherie today and it almost gave me a headache. No, this isn't happening.

I am not a floral person. Nor, do I like citrus scents. I like to smell my perfume, but then again, I'm old-school where we inhaled heavily. I wore Tabu as a teen-ager along with musk oil and patchouli oil straight out of the bottle.

I've been moving my perfumes around and bringing the lighter scents to the forefront for the warmer seasons to come. I'll miss my heavy scents, my Anne Klein 2, my Habanita, my Must de Cartier, my Uninhibited, my Nicole Miller, my Ambre.

At least until I can turn my air-conditioning on high enough and pretend it's cold outside.

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