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Sorceress 6 years ago 1

Not Of The Fancy Lines...
My initial reaction was that this is a fizzy floral, fresh and clean. It developed later into peppery overtones, still with the all inclusive floral scent. It's clean and fresh, almost waxy to me. I didn't get any of the fruits listed or the sandlewood, musk or vanilla. Fancy Girl doesn't remind me of Simpson's other "Fancy" line, Fancy, Fancy Love or Fancy Nights at all. This one seems to be going in a completely different direction, or at least that's how it reacts with my chemistry. It sits close to the skin and two sprays lasted three hours. Would be good for daytime spring and summer.

Sorceress 6 years ago

Creamy Citrus Surprise
I really didn't have anything in my wardrobe with heavy citrus, and I wasn't sure if I would really enjoy the scent. I saw this at at TJMaxx for $3.99, so I figured it could always make a good room spray, too.
Turns out I do like this citrus-infused one, but there's a reason why. This is a creamy citrus, not a bursting, in your face spritz of citrus, and that's what I prefer. Imagine a citrus smoothie (if there is such a thing) and you're sitting on a big, old, overstuffed leather, well-worn sofa. The scent of that vintage sofa is around you, but so is that creamy citrus smoothie you're drinking. The burst of citrus you get in the beginning is there and tones down considerably but it's tempered by the sandalwood and musk. This lies very close to the skin and lasts only about two hours. For the price, that's OK.
I now have something I can pull out for very hot summer days when other fragrances are too cloying, too fruity, too heavy to wear. This is an uplifting pretty simple perfume that's all about citrus with sandalwood and musk. It's an earthy scent to wear when you want something very light and simple that's a reminder of summertime breezes.
For the ridiculous price of $3.99, I was satisfied. As far as the bottle, yes, the 1.7 ounce is shorter, but it still resembles a bamboo stalk, other than its bright orange see-through color.
I have layered it with Dune and the two together are amazing.

Sorceress 6 years ago 1

Vintage Soap Nestled In Lace
Pure soap, like a very rich, finely-milled, expensive hand soap. There's a burst of tangerines at the outset, then it turns musky with sweet green floral and layered with an airiness. There are some woody undertones to balance it, but they are quite faint. This has a vintage, almost romantic feel to it, somewhat like a Victorian era. Sung sits very close to the skin lasting a few hours. Perfect for a day strolling through antique shops nestled in a quaint village.

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A Taste Of The Past
This has such a vintage feel to it and it's one of my my Sung favorites. It's spicy, you can feel the oak moss, it's full bodied, the sandalwood, resin and ylang-ylang are bountiful. The mix of florals are well-done so that you smell a bouquet. The entire composition of the perfume is mixed so well it's almost difficult to pull out the individual notes and ascertain each accord. It just smells wonderful. This is perfect for the cooler weather of fall and winter, definitely when the snow is falling and you're in front of the fireplace. Spray lightly tho, this perfume grows heavier as the time passes. If you truly enjoy perfumes of decades past when they were quite heavy and didn't smell of fruits only, give this one a try.

Sorceress 6 years ago

Steamed Rice and Open Air
Shi is a delightful open-air scent that's rice-based and does remind me of delicious steamed rice. It's not a thick perfume, it's more watery, it's green, bamboo-like, but that's not a listed note. You can sense a burnt tarry finish in the dry down that gives Shi a masculine edge to make this a perfect aquatic, it's just different enough. It's atypical, and I like that. It's not boring. I love rice as a note and in this it's absolutely perfect. Although normally a scent like this would be good for hot summer days, I'd also recommend this for three seasons of the year. Lasts for a good four to six hours. Wear Shi as a comfort perfume to relax or when you're just hanging out with friends.

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