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Sorceress 6 years ago 2

Citrus and Leather Surprisingly Sensual
Classic-shaped bottle for a unisex fragrance. Four sprays stayed a moderate sillage scent; the initial burst of lime continues thru until the switch to leather and woods keeping the top strong; within an hour Gaga leaned more masculine than feminine; all of the notes are discernible and make their statement. It's earthy with a classic worn leather scent leaning against a polished bar built entirely of real wood.
This feels as if you're either wearing you're wearing a man's shirt and his cologne has worn off on you or you've layed in his arms all night and you are now wearing his fragrance.
The lime disappears in two hours and the woods and leather begin to dominate comfortably for a few more hours. Lady Gaga 001 is calm and aromatic, it's innocently seductive. Worn by a woman, perhaps more of a surprise and on the sensual side because of its masculinity. I can see this either on a rainy day or wearing that LBD as a surprisingly sensual perfume.
Kudos to Gaga for putting out a unisex scent in a great bottle at an affordable price for the masses. It addictively grows on you with its refreshing simplicity that's comforting and doesn't scream testosterone in a man's cologne. The leather and woods are quiet, subdued, earthy and classic. They remind me of the arms of a man who rolls up the sleeves of his Oxford-button-down just past his wrist; his watch hanging low. He never wears short-sleeve shirts.
This grew on me and I've reached for it often. Considering my arsenal, that says alot. Lady Gaga 001 is mature underlying seduction in a bottle, the type of beguilement that is more entrancement in an understated way.

Sorceress 6 years ago

Effervescent Yet Comforting, Perfect For Berry Lovers
As one who has always enjoyed the heavier fragrances, turning to Philosophy's line was surprising for me. Recently I was in the market for lighter perfumes that still packed a punch for my olfactory senses(as a teen I wore Tabu & Shalimar), so finding light yet strong was going to be difficult.
I'd been ill for quite some time and needed different venues than I'd customarily worn. I'd always heard about nurses wearing the Philosophy line so I thought now was the time to try it. I'd actually become quite enamored of Falling In Love after trying it.
This is a feminine comfort perfume,all snuggly and perfect for rainy, gray days. It's a beautiful musky-vanilla, with dollops of bitter berries that are just slightly sour. That might sound off-putting, but the sourness keeps Falling In Love from becoming too sweet or cloying and gives it an unusual edge instead. Sometimes you just don't want or need any candy, because you just can't handle it.
This is a bit of a fun and playful perfume with a slight effervescence to it to lift your spirits. All the components are there for exhilaration. It's seasonless, too. Four sprays lasts for a few hours within a close range so it's not a sillage monster nor is it a skin scent, either. If you're looking for a quieter scent in the musky-vanilla, sour berry range, you've found it.
I did sample Falling In Love first, but honestly, I returned and bought a bottle soon after. That's how much I enjoyed this fragrance. For some reason it stayed on my mind, and that says a lot to me.

Sorceress 6 years ago 2

Graceful and Gentle; A Very Quiet Perfume
A clean, fresh scent when I just want to wear something that isn't overpowering. It's calm and airy, and yes, does remind me of dryer sheets. But for some, fresh laundry is a warm, relaxing, good feeling. It's seasonless and can be worn anywhere without offending anyone. Definitely a skin-scent, Amazing Grace has its purpose in the world of perfumes. For those who want to wear perfumes but can't overload those around them, or for those who might be ill and can't stomach over-bearing scents that are too brash, too cloying or just too opulent for the moment, Amazing Grace serves its purpose. A little bit of citrus, a hint of tea, a tad of pepper all wrapped in a gentle musk that sits close to the skin for a few hours. Nothing spectacular, just gently fresh, clean and pretty. Kind of like "the girl next door". Amazing Grace does its job well. It's not loud, it's not over-bearing. It's gentle.

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Juicy Beginning Turns Unpleasant
My review will be partially negative and I certainly don't want to upset anyone who truly loves this perfume, but I've tried it thru hot weather, cool weather and now the much colder nights, and unfortunately, it still doesn't work for me. I'm not one to try a perfume once , say I dislike it and write a review. I realize different days=different results=different reviews. Especially if it's a negative review, I'll try to figure out why.
On me, with my chemistry, Imari ELixir turns to a dirty-smelling perfume that becomes stale and dry as an old wooden crate. The notes sounded wonderful but they didn't come together for me. The blackberry, apple and mandarin combine to give a juicy beginning that lasts a good half hour until the unsettling not pleasant sex-in-a-bottle effect begins and the juiciness of the fruits dissipates. There can be a good sensual sexiness to a perfume and there can be a skankiness. This is the latter for me.
Initial sprays are true to form of juicy blackberry and apple with a hint of rose, juicy, warm and sweet. It's delicious at this stage. On my skin, this perfume turns on me into a harsh, bitter and screechy scent that I don't enjoy wearing. It's just too dirty and dank.
I love patchouli and have worn it for years and years. I realize there are different ways to process patchouli and at times, depending on the way it's "cured", it can smell different. There is one patch that does not agree with me that smells absolutely "dirty" on me. That's where the dirtiness comes from in Imari Elixir for me. I've only noticed this effect in two other perfumes from other perfume houses. Patchouli should be sweet and green. When I read other reviewers use the term "dirty hippies patchouli" I often wonder if they are smelling a patchouli where it has been stored in a manner that gives it a dirty smell. I just wish the term wouldn't be used embracing all hippies that used patchouli as dirty creating a stereotype, because that's absolutely not true. It's how the patch is developed, not the person that's creating the dirty smell.
It may be its formulation, but this is sour and medicinal for me.
The bottle is a nice chunky glass but topped with a cheap plastic cap that screams shabby. That could have been designed with better thought.
Try before you buy.

Sorceress 6 years ago 2

Tropical Fruits From The Rainforest
This is such an unusual perfume that I've been wanting to try, I was delighted to have the opportunity to give it a test drive recently.
There is a sweetness to it, but not a sugar overload, nor a synthetic sweetness that is cloying. It's tempered and wrapped by the sandalwood and infused with musk, yet lightened considerably by watery fruits to give it an aquatic feel. It's strong on rhubarb and watermelon for me and lasted for a good four hours. With over-spraying, I'm sure this could be intense or in the summer heat, too cloying. But sprayed lightly in cooler weather, I found it refreshing and unique. It's almost tropical in a deeply lush way, it's not frivolous at all. There's a tartness to it that again, keeps it from being jammy because of the fruits. It's more earthy and woody in its effect and there is a certain degree of richness to it. Definitely reminds me of the tropics, with their lush green rain forests where there is a coolness underneath the canopies of the trees high above.
Not something to wear to a dinner party, but more for casual day-time settings where you're relaxed and just being you. I found it unique and kept sniffing my wrist to enjoy this Dolce & Gabbana offering.

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