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Splashfrag12 3 years ago

Bortnikoff Bonheur
Bortnikoff Bonheur !!!

Opens up with bright bergamot and floral notes. The fragrance smells very exotic and keeps changing every now and then and comes under Chypre category.
Has been compared to Areej Le Dore Atlantic Ambegris but is more deep, heavier and darker.
Delight for your nose if you love artisanal fragrances.

Splashfrag12 4 years ago

Thick piped tobacco Scent
Habanos is a gorgoeus tobacco laden fragrance that has a smooth opening with blast of lime , woody notes and sweet tobacco... Changes after 15min to very masculin tone...
Can be said to be little reminiscent to Serge Lutens Chergui but with better ingredients and boozy touch

Splashfrag12 4 years ago 1

Fresh Oud !!!
SOTD : Oud Saphir By Atelier Cologne .!!!

A vey bright oud with hint of Bergamot, Suede,pepper and vanille.
Not a very heavy fragrance on your face but decent enought for the office wear ..

Oud Saphir Notes
Bergamot, ambrette seed, pink pepper, violet leaf, jasmine, suede leather, dark oud accord, birch, vanilla.

Splashfrag12 4 years ago 2

Gourmandish Neroli :)
uch a gorgeous gem by the house of Kerosene is a sweet fragrance that comes with a blast of citrusy orange with added neroli note that takes the place soon after 15 minutes...
I found it very intoxicating and kept sniffing my arm every now and then..
There is that gourmandish feel with amazing neroli which doesnt make perfume obnoxious and sweetness overload.

Must try if you like diff take on Neroli..

Superb i would say

Lasting is like 8 hours consistent with projection till 2 feets.!!

Splashfrag12 5 years ago 1

Roja Enigma Parfum Pour Homme ~The name says it all !!!
Mannn this stuff has always blew my mind... Opened a second bottle today and god damn, Every time I smell this fragrance I am stuck with alacrity .
The Boozy note is just tooo good. To my nose its a best cognac scent ever made... I generally sift through all the fragrance daily to choose the best SOTD, but for this fragrance,I need not give second thought... Beautiful memories are associated with Enigma Parfum and am drooling over it..!!

Personally the price point satisfies me for this fragrance but I wish the bottle was 100ml rather than 50ml .!!

Have a great day everyone

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