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I would not like this fragrance and I could not love it
Reminds me of traditional barbershops, A traditional fragrance, I tried so much to accept and live with, but no ... I can not
There is something strange looks distasteful
This fragrance is very strong and lasts for long periods and will get the admiration of others as soon as I wear it, I do not recommend it to anyone, although some consider it a refined perfume ... but from my personal point of view
I do not find it to be upgraded to the rest of the Dior perfumes, I think the odor of aromatic substance comes from Philippine Elemi.
This fragrance is strange ... the opening , same the heart, same the base ... one aromatic line and does not change over several hours.
This is my personal opinion and some people may like it and may not like others, but I loved to share it with you.

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WARNING: This fragrance is for personal enjoyment only
Fragrance is a mixture of citrus like lemon and bergamot only
Personal note: I am a fan of the citrus and enjoying it in all seasons
This is a fragrance of citrus made from the finest citrus fruits and packed in a very luxurious bottle and a very attractive package
Unfortunately, the fragrance doesn’t last for a few minutes and then you can’t remember it.
I can say that it is parallel to the expensive Nish perfume
The only negative point here: it's extremely weak It lasts only for a few minutes, In addition to the high price is considered a losing deal for most people

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This fragrance is the diluted version of the old Fahrenheit
Those who do not like the old version of Fahrenheit will love this version.
This version of fragrance is unobtrusive easily accepted by the person Suitable for most periods of the day, whether night or day ... Suitable for the summer and autumn season.
Personal note: Fahrenheit always reminds me of autumn season
The top notes of the fragrance is rich in fresh citrus aromas
The middle notes Rich in floral aromas and French violet especially
The base notes a copy of the famous old Fahrenheit.
That means you'll get a summer version of Fahrenheit
Scent: samiliar to old version in another meaning 8/10
Longevity: Pretty good
The sillage of Fragrance is good considering it is a cologne
Conclusion: If you like the famous old Fahrenheit but you can’t use it for its suffocating smell, you can use this diluted version of Fahrenheit.

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A wonderful fragrance lasts long ... If you love flowers, this fragrance for you ... and will come to you a lot of words of praise and compliments when you wearing it ... But be careful this winter fragrance only

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This Perfume comes with the scent of citrus trees that fill the countries of the Mediterranean basin ... Then comes the heart of fragrance, which is the smell of sea water in the middle of the summer ... The base of fragrance consists of magician amber
The perfume maker created a excellent mixture of aromatic substances to come out to us
The smell lasts for several hours ... Perfume is great compared to other summer perfumes ... Also suitable for evening periods with high temperature
Rating 7/10

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The fragrance is a combination of refreshing citrus aromas and the scent of the sea breeze that makes you fly in the sky far from the nuisance of the earth ... Perfume for personal enjoyment only as the majority of summer perfumes

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Al Wisam White Fragrance from Al Rasasi Perfume Package, the official name is Al Wisam Day is one of the Fragrances of the Eastern Men's Fragrance. It contains a balanced combination of white musk, bergamot, dice, geranium, sandalwood and amber.
The perfume is very similar to the fragrance of white creed (Creed Silver Mountain Water).
Countaint large extent Ingredients fragrance, A combination of aromatic wood with fresh spring flowers and has a beautiful vase notes ...
I recommend trying it in the nighttime in winter or spring evening is suitable for romantic events, and can be used during the day as well.
Price is in the range of US $ 40 ... and with this cheap price do not expect it to reach the perfection of the famous Creed perfume

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Invictus Aqua
2018 Version
A wonderful aquatic marine makes you feel refreshed in the summer heat
I would recommend that everyone experience the 2018 version
The fragment has reasonable limits taking into account that it is a summer fragrance
Suitable for morning and afternoon periods

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Tom Ford Gray Vitiver is one of the most wonderful perfumes of the vetiver and very desirable by mature men and business people and is very suitable for job interviews, external interviews and public celebrations.
This fragrance I like to use it in autumn because its smell always reminds me of dry leaves falling from the trees in autumn

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This perfume is for those who are looking for a cheap version of the famous fragrance such as Creed Silver Mountain, known as Creed White ... it is similar to 75% ? ... Note that Silver perfume uses cheap ingredients ... Refreshing lemon juice ... Suitable for summer and autumn ... I recommend Experienced by all the lovers of creed perfume

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