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KingPinKingPin 3 years ago
I have read quite a few of your reviews now (I found you through the Iris Gris Review), and I find them very well written and inspirational. I have found several new scents I want to try out. Thank you!
StellaDiverFStellaDiverF 4 years ago
@Fortress Thank you so much! :)
FortressFortress 4 years ago
Happy 1st Birthday !
SüchtigSüchtig 4 years ago
Ein herzliches willkommen bei den
Duft ver-rückten. Schönes schnüffeln wünsch ich
MiaTrostMiaTrost 5 years ago
Thanks for the feedback! :) Sohan d'Iris sounds lovely. Hopefully I'll succeed in having his attars added to our database.
MiaTrostMiaTrost 5 years ago
Dear Stella, you're sampling Sultan Pasha, I saw. Would love to hear your thoughts on his attars. Really appreciate your insightful reviews. In particular Aurum d’Angkhor has been praised highly. Would you concur? :)
AnessaAnessa 5 years ago
Hello and welcome to parfumo, nice to see you here, looking forward to your great reviews! :-)
DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 5 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo, great review debut :-)