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SuzanneSSuzanneS 3 years ago
Tuberose - Roja Parfums

Tuberose Rojas Tuberose
This is an elegant tuberose scent that remarkably resembles my 1960s bottle of Fracas Extrait I treasure. Its signature is more modern, but still smooth and rich seductive tuberose. Its gorgeous, haunting and elegant.

SuzanneSSuzanneS 3 years ago
Just Me - Montana

Just Me What am I wearing?? Oh its JUST ME...
When i blind ordered this I thought, this ws going to be an excellent perfume or a disaster looking at the notes. Then i saw the name Caron...ok im in! Extremely clever scent composed by Francoise Caron. From the name, oh.....


SuzanneSSuzanneS 3 years ago
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