9 years ago - 17.01.2014

Fragrances bought and/or soon to be tested:

Full bottle: Bvlgari Black. Best vanilla-intense perfume that I have smelled, and sexy (know that I use this qualifier very sparingly) as hell.

Minis: YSL Opium, Laura Biagiotti, Fendi, Cacharel Noa, Elizabeth Taylor Passion - a mini lot that was so cheap I couldn't pass up on it.

Samples: Chanel Sycomore and Bois des Iles, Caron Tabac Blond.

I'd like to think I've gotten wiser with my perfume-buying habits this month. I don't know how though.

Wrt other perfume-related goals, this month's perfume is Rogue by Rihanna, which I've been enjoying immensely. For the next two months they will be Moschino Funny! and Bvlgari Black, haven't yet decided which is going to be first. I have already exhausted my full-bottle quotas for the first quarter of '14 even though two of them are practically minis (Rogue at 15 ml and Funny! at 25), one of them was a gift (Rogue) and all of them were dirt-cheap. And I'm absolutely fine with that 8)

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SweetgrassSweetgrass 9 years ago
today in packages:
I am simply blown away by the generousity of some of the swappers here! :) THANK YOU! More
SweetgrassSweetgrass 9 years ago
Rogue arrived!
This is not a girly scent. Full review coming up in a few days. More