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I've been wearing this for six hours and it's softened into a creamy incense. It opens with a blast of cypress and juniper that hangs around for a little longer than you'd like. Behind them lies a peculiar animalic note (must be the leather) that gives the whole thing the quality of Antaeus though not quite as subtle. Holding all this together is a sharp incense that is reminiscent of Honour Man. There is a hint of sweetness but it doesn't go beyond a mere twinkle. This is a well blended composition and certainly worth trying, especially if you like Antaeus or Amouage's more spicy offerings.

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Considering it's a fraction of the price this essentially does what Tuscan Leather does. They are not identical by any margin but their rudiments are. Where TL is smoky and, let's be honest, is of better quality, especially that sublime saffron note, Cuoio has a noticeable thyme note in the opening that makes it herbal though not overly so. Raspberry is the lasting note in both fragrances and both have a rich smoky drydown. TL is better, more sophisticated, but for simple value for money Cuoio does the trick. If you want TL but can't afford it, try this. It's decent.

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This is unusual and yet so strikingly familiar. There's a perfect balance of sweet chestnut, bitter flinty coal and smoky charcoal. It smells almost exactly like a wood fire with something sweet thrown in, almost to the point that you imagine yourself at home at Christmas watching Jimmy Stewart's faith being restored. This isn't as warm as Clarence's angelic wisdom but it's comforting and just lovely.

2 Awards
The opening is superb. A beautifully rich mixture of shaving cream, soap and lavender evokes in a very realistic way the experience of shaving etc. one might associate with a traditional barber shop. Unlike a barbershop quartet, if I may mix metaphors a little, this fragrance has no depth. The clean smelling soapiness fades far too quickly becoming a generic tonka and musk base. This is decent, but not remarkable. Rive Gauche is still the top-dog.