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Nice herbaceous lavender, but that's it. No complexity and nothing extreme, apart from the price.+1
A decent offering. The cinnamon and patchouli creates a tobacco vibe that's quite rich and pleasant. A safe, if uninspired crowd pleaser.
Basil and amber soften the medicinal lavender, but pretty soon this becomes almost identical to Fougere D'argent. A little lazy Mr. Ford ...+3
A little better than the 'classy' evening colognes like Armani Code or D&G The One, but it's no YSL L'H De La Nuit. Enjoyable but ordinary.+1
Not quite GIT, leans more to CW but without the unpleasant aquatic note. I was surprised at how fresh, green and enjoyable to wear this is.+4
1 - 5 of 55