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Light orange and ginger on a bed of earthy patchouli. Despite this it's flat and utterly unremarkable. There's nothing distinct about it.
TDH is close to this in the way Pluto is close to the sun. This is beautifully blended with a tangy citrus top and mellow woody drydown.
L'Homme L'Homme - Prada - 2 years ago
Light, powdery, hint of lipstick but more than the sum of its parts. A superb masculine leaning floral.
Tauer fragrances are innovative and imaginative. They are also conceptual. This continues the form. Imagine herbal aquatic and you have it.
This evokes the herbaceous green of a primordial forest. Deep and complex, rich with woody resins, spice and freshness. A beautiful scent.
1 - 5 by 73