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Hyrax Hyrax - Zoologist - 35 days ago
This reminds me of fart spray from a joke shop. Sweet fecal notes combine with stringent animalic notes. Interesting but not for me.
Bee Bee - Zoologist - 50 days ago
Bee is a lush blend of honey, beeswax and white florals. Blissful and indulgent and a must have for gourmand lovers.
Squid Squid - Zoologist - 50 days ago
Church incense on a bed of sweet ambergris wrapped in airy ink. There’s something transcendent about this. Quite remarkable.
Floral and green with a light earthy muskiness in between. This is pleasant to wear but there’s nothing particularly interesting about it.
This is beautiful. Imagine Labdanum 18 or Musc Ravageur but softer and you have this. A lovely musky floral vanilla. Classic.
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