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T3lk4T3lk4 Lockdown in full swing in Melbourne with cold gray weather, been wearing opium and to keep up with a tragic disposition. 5 months ago
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strong, mysterious, but with a tint of feminine lightness
Hypnotic is the right word for this one, it's sweet and attractive makes you want to constantly smell it.
Sweet and tangy, the title says it all, good for feminine assertion
chemically sweet, overbearing and strong, good for close encounters but not for true intimacy.
Fresh and relaxing, something a woodland fairy would wear.
smells like a an old dry decaying bouquet, mysterious, good for night time.
spicy rose, good for clubbing.
Jasmin Rouge Jasmin Rouge - Tom Ford - 3 months ago
"what sex with a woman smells like"
Very powerful scent, strong and imposing, never smelt anything quite like it.
this is just Lou Lou for millenials with a bit too much money


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