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My singature!
...since 1990, it was the first gift at my 19th birthday from my “new” boyfriend in this year. A lot of people think, it is ony a fragrance for cold seasons, maybe autumn or winter, but never for summer! He said it ist “a frangrance for prostitutes” (sorry, but this is what he said).

I don`t think so. It’s a strong fragrance okay, but...

We will forget this statement. Vanilla and sandalwood keep it calm, although I can’t smell the vanilla, but I know, that is the reason for softnesss. It starts wonderful smelling like oranges for me (maybe this ist the mix vom peaches and citruses) and there must be some other spices, not ony thyme. For me there is cinnamon and the roses and jasmine are not so strong, as the most people would think and it smells wonderful sweet and I like it for every day, it is a really warm fragrance - not hot ;-D

For me it is an extraordinary fragrance that is second to none! Test it!