TOPTOP's Perfume Statements

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Karagoz Karagoz - Nishane - 19 days ago
A dense but nice smell, the smell of fruit - grapes. The smell of ripe summer. Unisex, but better on men. Interesting Turkish extract.
Hacivat Hacivat - Nishane - 19 days ago
Beautiful fresh scent, long life, pleasant projection. Interesting replacement for Aventus by the Turks. Unisex, but better on men.
Nefs Nefs - Nishane - 19 days ago
I don't rate the price, it's high. But it's a great perfume, long life, changing projections - the Xerjoff workshop. Nice
A beautiful combination of rose, oud and chamomile. Wearable oud in the European concept. A pleasant fragrance not only for men.
A perfume with memories - this is a perfume that evokes the sensuality of a woman. It is the perfume of the night. Seductive and playful.
1 - 5 of 33