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Pleasant, gourmand vanilla - it's not heavy, it's not muddy, it's fresh - it doesn't offend a woman, it's not original but it's nice
Blackcurrant, tonka bean, patchouli, etc. - it's mainstream, but it's nice - it's a crowd-pleasing perfume, made for most
Oudh Infini Oudh Infini - Dusita - 11 months ago
I tried this perfume from a friend's sample - it's not for me or any woman - it's an unwashed pig
Beautiful vanilla with caramel with a great yield, but it does not go too much into the space. It is smooth and has fruity elements in it.
A very beautiful fragrance - a wonderful smooth rose scent - it's an attention grabber. It's a bit oriental, but smooth and velvety.
16 - 20 by 34