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SüchtigSüchtig 2 years ago
Ein herzliches willkommen bei den
Duft ver-rückten. Schönes schnüffeln wünsch ich
TRehfTRehf 3 years ago
For transparency reasons of my upcoming reviews I want to give you some additional comments:

All fragrances that I own are bought by myself or presents from relatives/friends. If I will recieve any fragrances in the future for review, I will mention it during my review.

About my way to judge fragrances:

This category is very personal and that's why I will give a subjective rating (from my personal opinion) and an objective rating (how I do see people liking this fragrance in general)

sweet/dark/heavy scents: 10h reference (10/10 rating) -> 1point / 1hour longevity
fresh/citrusy/light scents: 8h reference (10/10 rating) -> 1p / 50min longevity

sweet/dark/heavy scents: 5h reference (10/10 rating)-> 1p / 30min sillage
fresh/citrusy/light scents: 4h reference (10/10 rating) -> 1p / 25min sillage

I consider this category as least important but I will still give a subjective rating.

All ratings will be in the range 0 ... 10 points.
TRehfTRehf 3 years ago
Hello Fragrance Community!

I've been following this platform since about 2 years now and finally decided to create an account. Since my collection is growing and growing and I am starting to dive deeper and deeper into the world of fragrances I want to give you my take on the fragrances that I own and/or I have tried.