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TURQUOISE 2 months ago 3
Addictive - high quality juice!
I was totally obsessed with L' Ambre de Carthage when it first came out, as a result
I ordered a big decant spray to enjoy, and trust me, I am a woman who adores ultra feminine perfumes.
This juice is so alluring, I can see a good looking, adventurous man in a white linen shirt , walking relaxed and joyful on the beach, enjoying the sunset, while waiting for his big love to appear, before the sun disappears. I can not describe how mesmerizing the trail of this scent is. I have no idea whether this has been reformulated or not nowadays, but my 10year+ decant spray smells amazingly, so high quality ingredients, and a dry down TO DIE FOR.
Only be aware not to stain your clothes, it takes time for the magical orange oils to dry up.
We have a Greek saying: " Τον σέρνει απο την μύτη " and this stuff
is doing this exact thing!
TURQUOISE 3 months ago 3 1
Perfection not Chaos
Very rare creation absolutely unique and beautifully balanced, nothing chaotic about it.
My nose perceives the most harmonious fresh foral spicy blend I've ever came across.
So soft and cozy yet so luscious filled with intoxicating images, making you feel like you have somekind of deja-vu.
Yes.. Chaos is the perfume you always carried inside you, and when your senses inhale it for the first, you recognise it and feel the urge to embrace it, like the long lost child you have in you.
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TURQUOISE 3 months ago 2
I wish the opening didn't feel that synthetic and medical
because Sitra is truly a special creation.
This is a signature worthy perfume that feels
familiar and cozy but nothing comes close to it.
Yes, it shares similar DNA with LDBS, but Sintra stands out for that multi-faceted layers that
unfold unexpectedly through time.
The sillage and lasting power is phenomenal.
Please try a sample before purchasing a bottle, it draws polarizing reactions
TURQUOISE 3 months ago 1
Her secret!
This is the perfume of a high end prostitute in a Parisian Brothel of La Belle Époque. Everyone around her imagines that this is a very expensive parfum from some wealthy client• but she's got a secret inner smile whenever they insist on knowing what's her parfum and she just feeds them the lies they want to hear, while she bathes her self on a perfume she got for only a couple of bronze coins.
TURQUOISE 3 months ago 3
sterilized happiness
I feel like a joyful smiling nurse, with my white freshly washed - ironed uniform, ready to kindly serve and take care of my patients, always with devotion,
pure intentions and heartfelt joy.
Oh no, I am not a nurse in real life, in fact I don't even fancy hospitals or clinics, la tulipe gives me the feeling of a sterilized but bright joyful person who's on a mission,
determined to carry out her/his duty, making others happy
with her pretty perfume trail.
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