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TURQUOISE 5 months ago 2
Rare beauty
This is such an outstanding extraordinary creation!

I love every single note I smell! Right from the beginning until it dries and settles down.
The enchanting aroma of narcissus sweetened just a little bit by mimosa. Tobacco is striking you in an intense way you can hardly resist! Hay tones are also there, to form the whole composition in a unique way!

I have a small decant spray of this masterpiece, I wish I could obtain the magical bottle!
Even though the sillage is not good, the longevity is quite normal and satisfying!
Highly reccomended!
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TURQUOISE 5 months ago 1
full bottle worth
Manifesto L'Elixir is one the few modern-mainstream perfumes that has a unique and distinct DNA.
It is a high quality vanilla creation, my main summery night time choice, extremely feminine, sensually and playful perfume that never fails giving me lots of compliments from men & women.
I will enjoy it till last drop but I will propably not repurchase it, although it has the potential of a signature perfume. Bravo to YSL house!
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TURQUOISE 9 years ago 3
Bring it back!
Deepest Night is a creamy-dreamy-nostalgic vanilla fragrance that could be the child of Casmir by Chopard and Insolence By Guerlain!
It's so special, it's the perfume of a fairytale princess!
The opening is quite strong and sour but after a while you can feel the wonderful balance between the honey and the Tiare Flower!
I must admit I like deepest night a lot thought honey is not my favourite note and it's very prominet in here!
It has nothing to do with the original Deep night, it's a brand new perfume! The lasting power is also a big plus.

Do you want to know a secret?
The next best thing close to Deepest night is Miranda by Fragonard! :-)
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TURQUOISE 9 years ago 5
To me Balmain De Balmain is a beautiful and refined perfume that makes you feel like a noticeable elegant lady! THE LEAST!
I would describe it- on my skin- as a green chypre floral!

What can I say about it??
The truth.. I loved the top and middle notes but the dry down after a couple of hours it trouble me, all the flower notes are almost gone and the smell becomes too harsh and "manly"
Hmmm..you know what?? I don't care!..
I want this stuff!

Balmain de Balmain has an aura of aristocracy that nowadays can't be easily found!
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TURQUOISE 9 years ago 2
I love Neroli, but no thank you
Unfortunately on my skin Neroli 36 has a characteristic aquatic, marine aspect that can be easily found in other niche perfumes as well...
Like Etoile de REM or Aria Di Mare by Il Profvmo..
The top and middle notes are quite misleading...
So don't pay much attention
The dry down turns into a more commonly pleasant vanillish, musky composition.

Sorry Le Labo, but this is not a very good creation :-$
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6 - 10 by 27