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TURQUOISE 10 years ago 1
snuggle up..
While watching a film on tv, I'm snuggling a lot, wearing my soft sweater, feeling relaxed and cozy..
Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar is so comfortable, warm and most of all
creamy and milky!
Yes, that's exactly what I get.. a milky vanilla combo that gives you the sense you're surrounded in a cocoon of warmth and affection..

Love it!
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TURQUOISE 10 years ago 3 1
Pleasant surprise!
Ysatis Iris is such and underrated perfume! Fresh, vibrant and so lovely!
This could ealisy stand out as a classic value perfume that can be worn from a young woman who feels elegant and charming to a mature lady who enjoys her flirtious nature!
The black current gives a slightly sweet opening blending so smoothly along with the violet leafs and iris.
There is nothing heavy about this mix nor cheap.
Is is a joyfull fruity floral blend with just a bit of a powdery touch.

The sillage is great and you will definitely enjoy your self wearing Ysatis Iris if you feel feminine and playful! Don't get misled!.. nothing dated about Ysatis Iris ;)
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TURQUOISE 11 years ago 12 1
Falling in love for the first time...
I'm not sure I can start talking about Roses Musk without getting tears falling down my face..
I'm sitting here, in front of a screen, I raise my scarf to smell the Roses..
That same fuchsia scarf was on my neck when I was once sitting all alone on a bench outside..
I will never forget that day.. I was so sad while a gentleman came close to give me a fresh-cut pink Rose.. he said "It matches your scarf miss"..
It was a cold November day, I was so lost in my world.. I just thanked him.

I never knew I loved Roses until that moment came.. You know.. That special moment when you think you are the ruler of the world but you suddenly realise that the world rules you..

That's exactly what Roses Musk is.. It's the ruler of my heart, my mind, my madness and my logic..

Roses Musk is delicate.. fragile.. it's a sensational whisper full of promises
...reflected in the enchanted lovers eyes...

Don't be fooled by it's vulnerable nature.. Roses Musk will seduce you tenderly while letting believe you are the seducer.. exactly like the soft jasmine notes wrap around the dew kissed roses..
They will caress you and you will feel like it's the first time you truly see the world...
Time will stop ticking.

You will raise your head and you will see for the first time the sun kissing your naked soul...

You will find both freedom and safety
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TURQUOISE 11 years ago 3
Happy summer nights...
I was so delighted when I got a whiff of this fragrance for the first time!

With few money on my wallet and without a second thought, I decided to make mine this little treasure!
It truly makes me happy from the primarily top notes until the last closing ingredient!

It opens with an intense sweet fruity floral smell until the heart opens..
Thus you feel the delightful combination of vanilla and frangipani with some touch of dark chocolate..
The base turns into a woodsy-musky canvas maintaning the light vanilla oriental aura!
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TURQUOISE 11 years ago 2
HEY KIDS!! Why don't we bake a vanilla lemon pie???
This is such a comfortable, delicious perfume.. it brings nostalgic images to me..
There's a big outdoor kitchen somewhere in the sunshine countryside with lots of colorful flowers and lemon trees. Kids are playing happily while a fresh cooked lemon pie is ready to be served.. The sweet-citrussy smell is spread with a wind's touch all over the hill calling the children to taste the wonder of nature..
To me Eclix is airy and cozy.. I feel the perfect balance between vanilla and bergamot.. all the rest leave it to your imagination!
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