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TURQUOISE 11 years ago 5
Playfull and flirtatious
Gloria is a sweet, adorable young girl..

she has freckles on her face and red curly hair!
She likes having fun with friends but she always gets dressed in a sophisticated, elegant way!
She never loses her flirtatious smile and always makes her presence noticeable wherever she goes!
She enjoys taking long walks through the city during the winter season and though temperature gets really low, she embraces with the most warm and cozy feeling all people around her..
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TURQUOISE 11 years ago 6 1
I'm sorry Donna...
Donna Karan.. if you're listening..
This is how an apple fragrance should smell like!

I like it a lot, it's doesn't smell cheap and common.. it has a certain character.. it's soft, fresh but at the same time playfull and alluring!
I don't know why but this fragrance gives you a warm, cozy feeling and it fits in a picture of a windy autumn walk while you're wrapped in your soft sweater..

Give it a try! It definetely deserves it!
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TURQUOISE 11 years ago 1
take a shower and put your leather pajamas on!
Despite it's simplicity I enjioy wearing Aigner Black..

It's a light aromatic oriental perfume (I own the EDP).
At the beginning it has a leathery clean fresh feeling slightly masculine!
A hint of insence mixed with black pepper and sicilian mandarine gives a refined blend until the Madagascar vanilla together with Japanese Yuzu,sandalwood and musk settle down to your skin giving you at the same time a warm cozy feeling..

I love spraying Aigner Black after taking a shower.. it relaxes me and makes my pajamas smell very fresh!
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TURQUOISE 11 years ago 5
Aliens have landed
Hmm.. Le feu D'issey is weird and unique!
The first whiff was very sharp, quite annoying and nauseating.. Anise and coriander smelled so overwhelming and artificial almost like some kind of medicine!
While the clock counts it gets more creamy, milky.. Anise doesn't disappear it stays with you until the end, it only becomes smoother..
After 2-3 hours wearing it I get a slightly salty dirty feeling along with musk and a touch of vanilla..
Le feu was provocative, it was way ahead for that period of time..
Le feu is not one of these perfumes you met everyday, it's unusual, it's radical, it's a..
love-or- hate affair

We must mention that this red-orange spherical masterpiece designed by Nicolas Gwenael was awarded by IF in 2003.
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TURQUOISE 11 years ago 2
Beautiful bottle interesting juice...
At the beginning you feel the licorine combined with the sweet almond.. You can barely smell coconut.
The middle notes reveal the wonderul floral character of the perfume..
It is silky and very powdery vanillish, indeed similar to Hypnotic Poison, but still has something different that makes it exceptionally interesting

Guipure and Silk is the blend of Hypnotic Poison along with Habanita by Molinard (many common notes)! Amazing!
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