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TURQUOISE 10 years ago
Classy and Elegant...
Ultra feminine creation! Elegant but somehow dark and innocent at the same time..
Beautiful, rich rose theme composition..
I can feel senual Ylang ylang notes embracing rose and tuberose, while breezy neroli lifts up the whole bouquet and prevents it from becoming bold!
There's a slight hint of sweetness in it, so I'd prefer to classify the olfactive groop as an oriental green floral.

I can see a mysterious woman wearing Lierre Rose on a hot summer night but also a romantic woman in love, snuggling beside the fireplace..

Lierre Rose is a remarkable, timeless perfume that can be totally captivating..
I only wish the longevity was richer..
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TURQUOISE 10 years ago 3
Frozen Crystal Waters...
Can you imagine yourself bathing under the frozen, crystal waters of a sparkling waterfall?..

If no, then L'artisan once again achieves the desired effect.
L'ete en Douce is exactly what you need to get transported in this refreshing paradise!

In the beginning, the first spray might hit you in the face with it sharp and a bit medical aspect, but that phase doesn't last long. According to my nose Linden tree along with a generous portion of musk is the one to give that flowery cold feeling. A hint of mint blends perfectly with the orange blossom which adds a slight sweetness to the whole composition.
L'ete en Douce finishing it development as a clean, musky-woody perfume that plays a safe, gentle game on you skin, especially in summertime.

Excellent lasting power!
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26 - 27 by 27