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Tabernero 1 year ago

Tabernero‚ÄčThe new perfumery
The new perfumery.I don't know if it's because of my growing interest in this hobby or that it's really something that's happening right now.Niche brands and independent brands have always been there. Nowadays with the internet, social networks and especially YouTube it is very easy to make yourself known. I think many of us follow several perfume...

Tabernero 1 year ago

TaberneroIn search of a signature perfume
In search of a signature perfume.A search I've been engaged in for a few months now.It all started some time ago out of boredom, yes, boredom. I was bored of my perfume. A perfume that I was tired of and that didn't reflect my almost 30 years. A perfume much younger than my age.After researching on the web I went to a big supermarket....