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In search of a signature perfume

In search of a signature perfume.

A search I've been engaged in for a few months now.

It all started some time ago out of boredom, yes, boredom. I was bored of my perfume. A perfume that I was tired of and that didn't reflect my almost 30 years. A perfume much younger than my age.

After researching on the web I went to a big supermarket. I said to myself, this in one afternoon we found it.

If any of you know Spain you will surely know a big shopping mall with a green logo and green letters too.

It is a big shopping centre that you can find in many cities, known for having almost everything. In perfumery it couldn't be otherwise and it even has some niche brands.

I spent a few hours at each brand smelling the different products and learning about the different product ranges.

I finally left the mall with a perfume in my pocket. A perfume that I loved, and that I love but that was not what I was looking for is not a signature perfume.

Days and weeks later I kept looking for that signature perfume and I found this fantastic website where I could buy different samplers thanks to the SOUK section.

Unfortunately, I still haven't found that perfume with which I can identify completely, which is good for almost everything, and which I fell in love with at the first smell.

I think that the important thing in these aspects apart from finding our goal is to enjoy the journey. And that's what I'm doing I'm learning about perfumes learning about their notes and their chords and learning that this beautiful hobby can make us really happy.

I hope however to find soon that signature perfume that I long for.

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