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​The new perfumery

The new perfumery


I don't know if it's because of my growing interest in this hobby or that it's really something that's happening right now.

Niche brands and independent brands have always been there. Nowadays with the internet, social networks and especially YouTube it is very easy to make yourself known.

I think many of us follow several perfume reviewers who on Youtube and Instagram tell us about their experiences.

This brings to the fore new perfumes perhaps unknown to us.

And here's where I'm going with this. Many of these perfumes have a high price tag. 2 euros per milliliter 3 euros per milliliter even more. Some try to conceal their high price by offering smaller containers.

And here is my reflection. I have tried some of these perfumes and I could not be more disappointed in most if not all of them.

There are some wonderful perfumes. Authentic wonders, but at prices that are already immoral to me.

With some people I have discussed the term price per use, which seems to be a euphemistic term to indicate that an expensive perfume is profitable and that two drops are enough to have 20 hours with a tremendous projection.

But why do we want a perfume to last 12 hours? Besides, few of these very high-end perfumes have ever had such a long duration. In fact, sometimes the opposite is true.

I sincerely believe that in some points we are being deceived, I believe that a perfume has a very high cost, obviously if we take excessively rare raw materials, wood from the most remote place in the most remote country, flowers from the highest steppe in the world... We will get a perfume without doubt of a quality 10, but I say, will not be better a perfume of quality 8 with an aroma 95% similar a duration in many cases greater and sometimes 5 6 and 7 times less price?