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Tabernero 8 months ago

Deep sea at your boat
A fragrance undervalued by the community.

A fragrance that maintains the original blue polo DNA but makes it more complex and more mature.

In my view, it's the best flanker in the saga. Without a doubt it has a great aquatic charge, some marine chords with a citric point. It is not a new perfume but I think it is an advance on the original perfume.
Reminds marine sports. It reminds us of a morning on the ocean with a slightly rough sea in a sailing boat. It recreates the splash of a wave on the boat.

It also takes us on those walks near the seashore on some cliffs those walks near a forest that is close to the coast.
And above all it evokes those summer loves that we all had when we were young, those escapes with our girlfriend or boyfriend at night by the sea under the moon. Is a perfume that despite having fresh sea notes and you are not a little citrus I would not classify it as bright but a little more stuck in that darkness.

No doubt for many of us it brings back many memories and many good moments live