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Tagazeu 23 months ago
Everyday clean scent
As with most of Serge Litens perfumes I love the long dry down of this. Initially I smell a lot of sweet magnolia that I do not like. After that smells like a clean ironed fabric, and oh how I love that stage!

Tagazeu 23 months ago
Sweet melancholy
The juice smells like a nice combination of Serge Lutens' previous perfumes. Mainly, something between:
- Gris Clair (the coumarinic notes),
- Chergui (the honeyed-hay notes),
- Fumerie turque (the tobacco notes)
- Daim Blond (the suede, apricot & orris combo).

Tagazeu 23 months ago
All orris facets in a perfume.
All orris facets in a perfume. From fresh green, to powdery violet, to suede leathery to rooty.
An art piece!!!

SECRET: Keep your distance from where you apply it.
It is NOT a perfume to be experienced by digging your nose on your wrist.
If you do that you only smell incense-vetiver-carnation sourness.

Instead, my advice is to apply it inside your jacket-coat or behind your knees.
This way you smell the fog of a buttered, doughy orris!!!


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Tagazeu 23 months ago
Chanel’s signature iris accord
Chanel’s signature iris accord as in more of Les Exclusifs;
Just marvelous and realistic type of orris, reminiscent of high orris butter/absolute.

Tagazeu 23 months ago
Incense-Oud combo with burnt rubbery effect.
Incense-Oud combo with burnt rubbery effect.
Full of balsamic undertones.
The animalic oudy elements are revealed only on paper strip; but, on skin it behaves heavenly!
It stays for a long time but never screams.
So subtle; Like the best imaginable incense balm!

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