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VanAllanVanAllan 8 months ago
Merci encore pour tes jolis commentaires sur mes photos. Passe une bonne semaine!
RunaRuna 11 months ago
Hi Tais,
thank You a lot for Your note on my pin wall. I didn‘t watch this english version here before, so excuse me for answering You a few time later.
I read Your review and immediatly noticed, it‘s Your heart speaking there and that is a lot more than only These analysing words like in usual reviews.
btw.: I like (love!) Your photos very much!
Best wishes and regards to You right now, enjoying to Know You! Elín :)
VanAllanVanAllan 11 months ago
Thank you for your wonderful comment on my Larmes du Desert photo, really inspiring.
Have a wonderful scented day!
Fresh21Fresh21 11 months ago
Aaah, you are from France:) Hi Tai, thanks for your note on my pin wall. I am pleased to see the one or other nice photo more from you soon ... and by the way, you can leave the "21" of my name since I am neither 21 years old any longer old nor born in (19)21, haha. Have a nice day (ツ)
VanAllanVanAllan 11 months ago
Merci pour ton aimable commentaire sur ma photo Escada Sentiment, je l'apprécie.