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Dark Fresh Green Woods
Sought a decant after enjoying both the Sport and extreme versions. It's an amazing scent, opening with green grass and turning more into dusty, dirty roots after the top notes recede. It's pretty fresh and dry to to my nose but dark at the same time. I don't get the damp ink impression that most people smell. I'm probably nose blind to ISO-e super because my colleagues can smell me even hours after I spray it. Two to 3 sprays at most because the dryness can irritate my nose. Projection is moderate compared to other scents.

EN vs ENS: ENS is the same scent as Encre noire but brighter with the citrus. After a few hours they smell the same

EN ve Extreme: Extreme is waaay richer in scent with the incense and patchouli in the background. Sillage and projection is the same. Extreme felt too sweet for me when compared to ENS, but I enjoyed the nuances of the scent when compared to EN. Surprisingly I prefer the original.

Versatility: ENS > EN > Extreme (ENS is perfect for daytime, EN is darker but can be interchanged with ENS, Extreme is perfect when you're well dressed)
Projection, sillage, longetivity: feels the same to me for all three.

Conclusion: It's a perfect scent for me. Fresh, dark and dry at the same time. I'll definitely get a bottle to complete the whole set.

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Tallgrasse 1 year ago
Fresh Floral
I only have a small collection of mostly fresh fragrances, and this one is definitely unique. It smells of
medicinal sweet flowers with great sillage and projection. One spray max for me, 2 or more and you risk suffocating yourself. 5-6 hours of projection. I can't stand directly smelling it on skin but I love smelling it in the air especially in slightly cool conditions.
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