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13 months ago
Scent 10.0
Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Grand Soir„Bliss”
So GRAND SOIR meant to be the next POUR LE SOIR... I feel a bit sad. Both of them are incredible and fantastic. POUR LE SOIR is (was?) woody, rather unisex and brown. But... GRAND SOIR is also fantastic, and landed immediately on my wishlist. Right now the ratings say 8.8 / 10. Pretty...

13 months ago
Scent 7.5
Opus X by Amouage

Opus X„Crazy, but good”
Cocoa, chewing gum, caraway. Hmm. A bit resin. It is not normal, a completely crazy, amok-type odor, but I really like it. On the scale it is placed closer to Male than to Female end, but gives the choice to call it Unisex. Especially because of a slight touch of rouge....




TIA1971TIA1971 17 months ago
It's me again. I thank you so much. It is more and more fun this "shootings" ;-)
Warm regards, Tanja
TIA1971TIA1971 17 months ago
My photo of "Voice" from Betty Barclay: Thank you so much and enjoy it!
Greetings Tanja
ChallengerChallenger 24 months ago
Thanks a million :-)
ChallengerChallenger 2 years ago
How are you Tar?

What is the best men's fragrance based on orange blossom In your opinion?
ChallengerChallenger 2 years ago
Excuse me. I was so busy. I forgot to give you a response.
I usually travel once every season.
In this Spring I went to the "Zanjan". I will upload a photo of this travel. ;)

have a nice day too.
ChallengerChallenger 2 years ago
how are you?
the new year is so good.
ViolaodorataViolaodorata 2 years ago
Hi Tar

BOLDOG HUSVETI ÜNNEPEKET ( sorry, without´`)
What have you done with my fragance ?

Greetings from Switzerland
ViolaodorataViolaodorata 2 years ago
=( °.° )=
c ('')('')
GothicHeartGothicHeart 2 years ago
Oh, thanks a lot Tar! Then maybe if I ever disappear, someone will create me anew. And yes, Darth Vader's "Choke bitch, choke!" vessel of exemplification is One Man Show. I wear it to exterminate everything; people, germs and evil spirits alike...
GothicHeartGothicHeart 3 years ago
And on their islet of light, these Blue Mimmina sisters, crowned with gold and emeralds, are struggling to keep the indigo waves at bay...Köszönöm szépen!